Jake Rosario began his racing career in 2002. He has accomplished many goals and achievements over his 9 years of racing that have shaped & transformed him into a better driver today. With 3 Track Championships under his belt along with countless A-Feature wins, Jake proves his competitiveness and motivation are unbeatable. Jake proves his dedication on and off the track as well. Jake attends Guthrie High School and is part of National Honor Society as well as the Student Council. Along with maintaining his outstanding performance on the racetrack, Jake puts his knowledge to use in the classroom and plans on attending college here in Oklahoma. Although Jake's long-term goal is to drive a race car professionally, Jake is more than prepared to accomplish whatever life may have in store for him..

In 2006 Jake began his full swing of racing by capturing the I-44 Speedway track championship while accumulating 16 A-Feature wins over the year and taking home rookie of the year honors as well.

As 2007 came around, Voyager Racing decided to travel abroad and race all over. Over the '07 season Jake left his Voyager Home Systems 92 Machine in victory lane 15 times.

The 2008 Season began and Jake began his competition in the Outlaw, A-Class, and Nonwing divisions and proved himself to the racing field as Jake took home 17 A-Feature wins along with 2 Major Shows including WRR's Fall Festival & PCR Al Lemmons Memorial.

2009 came around in full motion as Jake began his reign in the A-Class division along with capturing many A-Feature wins in the Outlaw class as well. In 2009 Jake brought home 15 A-Feature wins as well as the Pete Frazier Memorial Honors & Non Wing Nationals.

In the 2010 racing season, Jake brought home a set of track championships from Port City Raceway in Tulsa, OK. As well as 9 A-Feature victories during the season.

None of this would be possible without the help of Voyager Racing's dedicated sponsors. They include Voyager Home Systems, Metric Cycles, Sawyer Chassis, Sleeper Graphics, Leading Edge Composites, Lightning Wings, Aero-Dynamic Racing Wheels, & Smileys Racing. These sponsors have done an excellent job with providing Jake with outstanding equipment through his 9 years of racing.

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